Little White Lie La mentirita blanca

Tomás Alzamora / Chile / 2017 / 80 min / Spanish

A black comedy about a journalist on a local newspaper who starts fabricating stories for fear of losing his job, Little White Lie is a witty debut feature by young Chilean filmmaker Tomás Alzamora.

festivals, awards Miami 2017 (Jordan Ressler Screenwriting Award)

Edgardo is a journalist struggling to maintain a career in a small Chilean town, always on the lookout for exclusive news stories. Worrying that the newspaper is on the verge of closing down because of declining readership, he fabricates a story, a little white lie, which turns into a very big deal, transforming him into a hugely popular local celebrity. Should our humble hero confess his peccadillo or sacrifice his professional (and personal) integrity at the altar of fame?

"I’m a musician. I wanted to make video clips but had no one for help. So, I did it myself. It was my first experience in cinema. Then I made my first short film in France while I couldn't make it in Chile. Nobody has camera there. I made Little White Lie in my town. Why it is about journalism? I have a good friend who is a journalist and he had a similar problem. He published fake news. It was a great idea. I researched all fake news in the country before writing the script." (Tomás Alzamora)

Tomás Alzamora
Born in 1989 in San Carlos, Chile. A filmmaker, as well as a DJ and rapper, better known as FourD. At 21, he began his film studies at the University of Arts and Communication Sciences UNIACC. He has produced video clips for various Chilean music stars and made several short films as a cinematographer. His feature directorial debut, Little White Lie, was awarded at the Miami Film Festival.

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