Animateka 2018

Hungary visiting: The Angler on the Moon Madžarska na obisku: Ribič na luni

various / 45 min / 4+

For children aged 4 and up.

A ceruza és a radír / The Pencil and the Rubber
Gyula Macskássy, György Várnai (Pannonia Film Studio)
Hungary, 1960, digital, 10'

The pencil and the rubber are inseparable friends who live their busy and sometimes conflicted lives on the animator's empty sheets of paper. The film was one of the pioneers of the new wave of Hungarian animation in the 1960s.

Párbaj / Duel
Gyula Macskássy, György Várnai (Pannonia Film Studio)
Madžarska/Hungary, 1961, digital, 10'

An atomic scientist gets into a fight with General Mars about the use of the modern day "magic wand", nuclear power. This emblematic anti-militaristic yet pro-nuclear film was given the Special Prize of the Jury in Cannes in 1961.

A holdhorgász/ The Angler on the Moon
Tibor Csermák (Pannonia Film Studio)
Hungary, 1964, 35 mm, 8'

A little boy is carried away to the moon by a stormy wind while he is swinging in the park.

A hétpöttyös autó / A Little Car with Seven Dots
Zsolt Richly (Pannonia Film Studio)
Hungary, 1973, digital, 7'

An urban guy is crazy about car racing downtown. One day, however, he leaves the busy streets of the city behind, to go exploring the wonders of nature with the help of his newly purchased Volkswagen Beetle, which turns out to be a little red ladybird with seven dots.

A róka és a holló / The Fox and the Raven
Ferenc Cakó (C.A.K.Ó. Studio)
Hungary, 2003, 35mm, 10'

An exhilarating claymation adaptation of the well-known folk tale about the fox, the raven and a piece of cheese.

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