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The Teeny Weeny Fox Lisička in druge zgodbe

various / 36 min / No dialogue / 2+

The Teeny Weeny Fox
Seven short animated films, with no dialogue but a lot of heart. A great choice for small children (2+) who are taking their first steps into the wonderful world of cinema.

Bat Time
Elena Walf (STUDIO FILM BILDER), GERMANY, 2015, HD, 3:59
When night dawns on the farm a little bat wakes up. Oh, how great it would be to bark with a dog or to crow with a cock...and to jump and to dance! The little bat wants somebody to keep its company. It doesn't want to be alone. It is looking for a friend.

The Teeny-weeny Fox / Le Renard minuscule
Aline Quertain, Sylwia Szkiladz (La Boite … productions, Nadasdy Film), FRANCE, BELGIUM, SWITZERLAND, 2015, HD, 8'22''
In the middle of a luxuriant garden, a teeny-weeny fox meets a daring little girl who grows giant plants! By lucky coincidence, they realise that they can grow objects too; the clever little devils think up all sorts of things to do…

Head Up! / Kopf Hoch!
Gottfried Mentor (STUDIO FILM BILDER , SWR), GERMANY, 2015, HD, 2:45
Two goats are learning from each other.

November / Novembre
Marjolaine Perreten (LA POUDRIÈRE ), FRANCE, 2015, HD, 4:00
Autumn has set in by the banks of a stream. A series of small animals busy themselves in preparation for the long winter ahead.

The Mitten / La Moufle
It is snowing. Lily and her grandfather are making a little birdhouse to help the birds survive over the winter. "But where do the other animals in the garden find shelter in winter?" wonders the little girl. So she puts one of her mittens at the foot of the tree where they have fastened the bird house.

Miriami kodutu koer / Miriam`s Stray Dog
Andres Tenusaar (OÜ NUKUFILM), ESTONIA, 2015, HD, 5:00
Miriam and her family are building a snowman. A stray dog watching them definitely likes the snowman very much. The dog won't leave, though it is very cold. The children bring him inside and construct a nice place from paper-boxes. Hen is the only one who does not share the joy of all others, and who also faces the most anxious moments. The dog's owner shows up in the morning.

Kariem Saleh, GERMANY, 2015, 3:58
A happy little tiger is imprinted on a food plate. But if you leave him alone, and he doesn’t find anything to eat on his plate, he will leave it and travel the lunch table to satiate his appetite.

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