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Have a Nice Day Hao ji le

Liu Jian / China / 2017 / 77 min / Mandarin Chinese

In a desperate attempt at saving his fiancée from the consequences of failed cosmetic surgery, a young driver steals a bag containing a million yuan from his boss. As news of the event quickly spreads throughout the city, everyone embarks on a hunt for the man and the stolen money.

Written and directed by Liu Jian, Original Music The Shanghai Restoration Project, Animation Liu Jian, Sound Design Li Danfeng, Sound Gao Rui Feng, Editor Militia Xiao Liu, Voices Yang Siming, Cao Kou, Ma Xiaofeng, Zhu Changlong, Cao Kai, Zheng Yi, Executive Producers Yang Cheng, Liu Jian, Producers Yang Cheng, Liu Jian, Production Nezha Bros. Pictures, Le-joy Animation Studio, Distribution in Slovenia FIVIA – Vojnik


The global premiere of a dizzying neo-noir by one of the pioneers of Chinese animation was part of the official programme at the Berlinale. If you missed the film at Animateka, this is going to be your last chance to see it on the big screen.

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