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Shorts for Adults: French Edition Kratki za odrasle: po francosko

različni avtorji / France / 77 min

Subversive, shocking, embarrassing and controversial, soak up the Midnight Special experience with the WTF Programme that brings together seventeen of the craziest short films around! Why don’t you step outside your comfort zone, be flabbergasted, shudder, roar with laughter or weep watching these two programmes selected with love to fire up the Animateka 2022? Adults Only (18+)

Satellite Jockey: Paix sociale
Rémi Richarme (Creature Production)
Francija, 2020, 02'48''

Based on the realisation that it feels good to make a little fun of the "president of the wealthy" at the moment, the director chose to animate E. Macron in turn as a disco dancer, vampire-banker and extreme jet-skier!

La Chair de ma chère
Antoine Blandin (Je suis bien content)
France, 2014, 12'40''

Perceptions of reality are sometimes beyond belief. A child relives a dramatic event that had been buried for a long time.

Big Boy
Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson (EMCA Angoulême)
France, 2018, 04'45''

A sketch of redemption for a man who grew up, deconstructing his first depiction of the world through poetry.

Le Taxi de Sun City
Thomas Trichet (JTM)
France, 2019, 17'12''

Charles is victim of impulsive phobias and ruminations that worry and disturb him. His life is spoilt by visions of himself committing criminal acts to those around him.

La Faillite
Jean-Jean Arnoux (Chez Eddy)
France, 2014, 02'27''

A man frees himself from his social constraints during a liberating dance.

Scum Mutation
Ov (Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains)
France, 2020, 10'00''

Here you are Scum, a creature in cage. Inside the rage of our time, your individual and societal wound questions our visceral link to violence. Scum, in your silicon hands young germs are growing and mutating.

Le ciel au-dessus de la ville
Rosalie Loncin (neodvisna)
France, 2021, 06'14''

In a distant future, a community living in a desert universe remembers with melancholy the time when there were still trees, insects, and birds.

Under Twilight
Jean-Gabriel Périot (independent)
France, 2006, 05'05''

Beauty and/or Destruction.

Fleury Fontaine (Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains)
France, 2020, 11'06''

We are all prisoners of a nationality, a social condition, a skin colour to which the State’s repression forces us to resign ourselves. This film tells how bodies suffer, under blows, constraints and humiliation.

Coucou Tchoutchou
Charlie Mars (independent)
France, 2021, 03'20''

Exactly like our world. Try it and see.

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Triangle of Sadness Triangle of Sadness

Ruben Östlund

Thursday, 08. 12. 2022 / 17:30 / Main Hall

Ruben Östlund’s uncompromising satire discloses the shallowness of the fashion industry and opens up a space for a confrontation between capitalism and communism. Winner of the 2022 Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

Last Screening

Three Minutes – A Lengthening Three Minutes – A Lengthening

Bianca Stigter

Thursday, 08. 12. 2022 / 18:30 / Small Hall

With an archaeologist-like approach, Bianca Stigter is studying in detail every frame of a three-minute home movie recorded in 1938 in a small Jewish town in Poland, to bring to life a community that disappeared during World War II. The essay on history, memory and film is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter.


Both Sides of the Blade Avec amour et acharnement

Claire Denis

Thursday, 08. 12. 2022 / 20:30 / Main Hall

A drama about the rollercoaster of emotions and the devastating consequences of the violent passion aroused in a middle-aged woman by a chance encounter with her ex-lover.