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Sunday, 01. 12. 2019 / 11:15 / Small Hall


Ailo's Journey Aïlo: Une odyssée en Laponie

Guillaume Maidatchevsky / France, Finland / 2018 / 86 min / Dubbed / 5+


Sunday, 01. 12. 2019 / 11:15 / Small Hall


Our hero, Aïlo, is a small reindeer from Lapland. There are tens of thousands of them in the region! Reindeer have antlers that grow back every year. They have evolved to survive in a glacial environment: their coat allows them to tolerate temperatures of -40°C and they can move through snow thanks to their very large hooves, unlike other herbivores. Reindeer eat grass and moss, but their favorite food is certainly lichen!

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LIFFe / Panorama

So Long, My Son Di jiu tian chang

Wang Xiaoshuai

Sunday, 17. 11. 2019 / 11:00 / Main Hall

Focusing on a married couple coming to terms with the untimely death of their young son, the film chronicles people and a society in full transformation.

LIFFe / Kinobalon at LIFFe

My Extraordinary Summer with Tess My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

Steven Wouterlood

Sunday, 17. 11. 2019 / 15:00 / Main Hall

A heart-warming tale about coming of age and friendship based on the eponymous novel by Anna Woltz. After its Berlinale premiere My Extraordinary Summer with Tess became this year’s festival favourite.

LIFFe / Panorama

O Beautiful Night O Beautiful Night

Xaver Böhm

Sunday, 17. 11. 2019 / 16:45 / Main Hall

Replete with dark oneiric images evocative of human mortality, this unusual nocturnal odyssey stars Slovenian actor Marko Mandić in a leading role.