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From 14 April 2015

The Reaper Kosac

Zvonimir Jurić / Croatia, Slovenia / 2014 / 98 min / Croatian

The three stories unfolding over a single night gradually unveil the dark side of life of the protagonist Ivo and his home town, which has been permanently scarred by the past just like the main character by his crime.

A worker in an agro industrial conglomerate, Ivo was many years ago convicted of rape and since then he both avoids and is avoided by his fellow citizens. In the night when he meets Mirjana, a woman who runs out of gas on a deserted road, Josip, the man who works at the gas station, and Krešo, a local policeman, Ivo’s destiny will entwine with theirs and gradually reveal the gloomy picture of his life, and the whole region he lives in, which has remained forever stuck and trapped by the war the same way Ivo is trapped by his past deed.

»I believe that in the Croatian cinematic circles I am considered to be a freaky black sheep. Far from wanting to cause a stir and mythologising the whole matter, it needs to be pointed out that there is definitely an outsider inside of me, one with a highly individual mind.« (Zvonimir Jurić)

Zvonimir Jurić
Born in 1971 in Osijek, Croatia, Jurić graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. He embarked on his filmmaking career with numerous award-winning documentary films. Together with Goran Dević, he co-wrote and co-directed the feature film The Blacks, which won the Kingfisher Award at Liffe. The Reaper, Jurić’s last feature film, won as many as three Golden Arenas at the 2014 Pula Film Festival.

filmography (selection)
1995 Nebo ispod Osjeka (The Skies Below Osijek) (documentary)
2001 Crnci su izdržali, a ja? (The Blacks Resisted, Can I?) (documentary) 
2003 Onaj koji će ostati neprimjećen (The One Who Will Stay Unnoticed)
2004 Sex, piće i krvoproliće (Sex, Booze, Short Fuse) (omnibus Zagrebačke priče/omnibus Zagreb Stories)
2009 Crnci (The Blacks/Črnci)
2013 Pragovi (Thresholds) (short)
2013 Bijela (White) (short)
2014 Kosac (The Reaper/Kosec)

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