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Copenhagen Does Not Exist København findes ikke

Martin Skovbjerg / Denmark / 2023 / 98 min / Danish

A dark psychological thriller based on the screenplay by Eskil Vogt, screenwriter of Joachim Trier’s films The Worst Person in the World and Oslo, August 31st.


A young woman disappears without a trace. Three months later, her father has a peculiar idea: he locks himself and his daughter’s boyfriend into an empty apartment to find out what really happened. Slowly a mysterious story about two lovers comes to life, who have been increasingly drifting away from the outside world, isolated in the middle of a big city.

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What's On

Route One/USA Route One/USA

Robert Kramer

Monday, 22. 04. 2024 / 18:00 / Main Hall

The film by the independent American film-maker Robert Kramer takes us on a four-hour drive along the famous American highway, from the Canadian border to Key West in southernmost Florida.

Snatched from the Source Zajeti v izviru – Slovenski otroci Lebensborna

Maja Weiss

Monday, 22. 04. 2024 / 18:30 / Small Hall

Maja Weiss’s documentary tells the stories of four stolen children, the last remaining Slovenian victims of the Nazi Lebensborn programme.

Woman of God Duhovnica

Maja Prettner

Monday, 22. 04. 2024 / 20:20 / Small Hall

A documentary film about a free-spirited evangelical priest Jana, who is facing a great life dilemma – to leave or continue pursuing the priesthood, all whilst dealing with many other challenges: from childhood wounds to solving complex family relationships. In the town, she is seen as God’s representative on earth, but at the end of the day, she’s only human too.