After Love L'Économie du couple

Joachim Lafosse / France, Belgium / 2016 / 100 min / French


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French with Slovene subtitles.

French-Belgian drama. A young couple navigate their divorce in close quarters.

After 15 years of living together, Marie and Boris decide to get a divorce. Marie had bought the house in which they live with their two daughters, but it was Boris who had completely renovated it. Since he cannot afford to find another place to live, they must continue to share it. When all is said and done, neither of the two is willing to give up.

"In a couple, money represents one of the things we can quarrel about, it’s not the deep cause of the dispute. Money isn’t the reason why Boris and Marie can’t love each other anymore. Money is the apple of discord, but behind that there is always the way in which one gets acknowledgement or not, the way in which one seeks recognition for what one has or has not done. /.../ We used to stay together for moral reasons; today it’s for financial reasons. It says something about our era." (Joachim Lafosse)

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