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Centaur Centaur

Aktan Arim Kubat / Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Germany, France / 2017 / 87 min / Kirghiz

Featuring director Aktan Arym Kubat in the leading role, Centaur is an allegorical tale about people living in harmony with nature and animals, caught between faith and superstition, modernity and tradition.

festivals, awards Berlinale 2017

Centaur is a quiet, small and modest man, a loving father of a little boy and the husband of young, deaf-mute Maripa. Together they lead a simple life in a small village of Kyrgyzstan. Centaur is a respected man among his neighbours, but he has a belief deeply rooted inside him. He still believes that Kyrgyz people – once united and invincible thanks to their horses – have been punished by Heavens for misusing that power to achieve their mercenary goals. Centaur becomes a horse thief, as he thinks only a genuine racer riding at night and praying for forgiveness can break the curse.

“I don’t shoot my films strictly according to the screenplay, but rely on my intuition, casual foresight and some inexplicable miracle to happen. Live streams of life sometimes dictate such plots that can’t be thought out in an office and real people behave in a certain manner that can’t be played by highly professional actors. These moments can’t be reconstructed, they only can be captured.” (Aktan Arym Kubat)

Aktan Arim Kubat
Born in Kyrgyzstan in 1957. After graduating from the Art Academy in Bishkek, he first worked as a production designer before making his feature debut in 1998 with The Adopted Son. The film won several prizes including the Silver Leopard at Locarno. The Light Thief was selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes.

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