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Sunday, 23. 07. 2023 / 19:00 / Main Hall

Rain-Check Screenings

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From 28 March 2023

Smoking Causes Coughing Fumer fait tousser

Quentin Dupieux / France / 2022 / 80 min / French


Sunday, 23. 07. 2023 / 19:00 / Main Hall

Rain-Check Screenings

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The latest adventure from the leading French absurdist Quentin Dupieux (Mandibles) is a highly entertaining, highly unpredictable, and highly quirky homage to old-school superhero series.


After a devastating battle against a giant turtle, a team of superheroes who use the negative energy of tobacco as a weapon against villains are sent to undergo a week of team building to boost their team spirit before they return to saving the world…

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What's On

The Beasts As bestas

Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Tuesday, 06. 06. 2023 / 17:40 / Main Hall

This masterful blend of countryside thriller and psychological drama, with breathtaking suspense and a haunting atmosphere, brought one of Spain’s leading directors the Audience Award at the San Sebastián Film Festival.

Cannabis Sets You Free Konoplja osvobaja

Miha Čelar

Tuesday, 06. 06. 2023 / 19:30 / Small Hall

A humorous documentary essay about activists from Slovenia and beyond who have dedicated their lives to the legalisation of cannabis. Some of them have come into conflict with the law while doing so, but all of them, in one way or another, have embarked on the path of their own personal “cannabis revolution”…

Vera Vera

Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

Tuesday, 06. 06. 2023 / 20:30 / Main Hall