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Tomorrow is a Long Time Míng tian bi zuo tian chang jiu

Zhi Wei Jow / Singapore, Taiwan, Portugal, France / 2023 / 105 min / Mandarin Chinese, English

A visually stunning coming-of-age story set in Singapore. Let the film take you to a mystical jungle!


The young Meng lives alone with his father, who makes a living by doing toilsome and dangerous physical work. They rarely see each other and even when they are together, there is a gaping silence between them. The reserved Meng has difficulty fitting in with his peers, so his wish to belong leads him into violent company. Due to a set of circumstances, he finds himself serving the military in the jungle ahead of time, where he discovers completely new sides to life. The images of pristine nature and the primal sounds of the jungle meditatively lull us into a reflection on the mystical connection between generations. 

»The aesthetic approach Jow Zhi Wei takes, the long moments of silence, camera slowly panning, all evoke the masters of contemplative cinema. This is ‘slow cinema’ at its finest, especially because Jow Zhi Wei isn’t aping his more famous predecessors but shares sensibilities and sensitivity with them.«
–  Marc van de Klashorst, International Cinephile Society

Thursday, 25. 05. 2023

8th International Kinotrip Film Festival

Between October 19 and 21: three eventful days of films, talks with guests, mingling and fun – all selected and prepared by the young programme team. Tickets already in sale!

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What's On

Jury Programme: 4 Superstars Žirija se predstavlja: 4 zvezdnice

različne avtorice

Tuesday, 28. 11. 2023 / 19:00 / Main Hall

This year’s international jury includes four superstars of global auteur animation: Alexandra Ramires, a Portuguese animation poet and member of BAP Collective, Naomi van Niekerk, a South African master of storytelling using the charcoal animation technique, Nikki Schuster, an Austrian-born Berlin-based artist recycling found objects to make animated travelogues, and Dahee Jeong, a Korean animator whose poetic works have been awarded at the world’s leading festivals.

Main Competition I (2023) Tekmovalni program I (2023)

različni avtorji

Tuesday, 28. 11. 2023 / 21:00 / Main Hall

The best new animated films from Central and Eastern Europe in the running for the Audience Award and the Jury Grand Prix. The filmmakers featured in this strand include animation legends and debut filmmakers alike, and everyone in between.

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman Saules aveugles, femme endormie

Pierre Földes

Wednesday, 29. 11. 2023 / 10:00 / Main Hall

A feature debut by composer Pierre Földes based on stories by the acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami.