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The Lost Boys Le Paradis

Zeno Graton / Belgium, France / 2023 / 83 min / French

A powerful love story with a political charge, which meaningfully shakes the notion of freedom.


The 17-year-old Joe is locked up in a youth correctional facility. With various rebellious actions, he tries to escape the rigid system, but the latter keeps coldly returning him back. While impatiently waiting for a new beginning, Joe is surprised by the arrival of a mysterious offender called William. Their relationship immediately flares up into love, full of closeness, secret touches and meaningful silences. Together, they yearn for freedom outside the institutional walls. 

Let film take you away into invisible freedom!

»I wanted to give this love story conflicts and issues linked to romantic passion, lack, betrayal. These issues are often absent from queer love stories, stories that I didn't find myself in. I wanted to show a perhaps slightly utopian representation of the issue, with the desire to propel the viewer towards the next part, another moment perhaps of the story. I started writing this film a long time ago, and I've seen the world evolve through time. The new generations are no longer apologetic, they are fluid, powerful.«
–  Zeno Graton

»I was moved by the physical nature of the film. The affection between Joe and William is not expressed through dialogue, but through physical touch, which creates a sensual atmosphere. In the strict and rigid environment of the detention centre for minors, I experienced their love as sensual and tender. I like this tenderness that is placed in a space where it is not usually expected.«
–  Tjaša Hafner, member of the 8th Kinotrip generation

Wednesday, 25. 10. 2023

The Kinotrip Audience Award goes to The Lost Boys

A powerful love story with a political edge, which shakes the notion of freedom, captured the hearts of the audience at the 8th Kinotrip festival.

Thursday, 25. 05. 2023

8th International Kinotrip Film Festival

Between October 19 and 21: three eventful days of films, talks with guests, mingling and fun – all selected and prepared by the young programme team. Tickets already in sale!

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