From 20 November 2017.

Ivan Ivan

Janez Burger / Slovenia, Croatia / 2017 / 94 min / Italian, Slovene

After young Mara gives birth to Ivan, a chain of unexpected events is set in motion. Ivan’s father, a married businessman whom Mara obsessively loves, goes missing. When she finds out that he is accused of a white-collar crime, she finds herself in an impossible situation of having to choose between her child and the man she loves.

cast Maruša Majer, Matjaž Tribušon, Nataša Barbara Gračner, Branko Šturbej


The DVD of the film is available in our Bookshop. (List of available DVDs in Slovene only)


Director Janez Burger’s (Idle Running, Silent Sonata) tense personal drama on the background of corruption. Best Feature at last year's Festival of Slovenian Film.

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