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Daughter of Mine Figlia mia

Laura Bispuri / Italy, Switzerland, Germany / 2018 / 100 min / Italian

Ten year old Viktoria has a warm and loving relationship with her mother Tina. But their peaceful life in the Sardinian countryside is disturbed by the girl’s discovery that the local party animal Angelica is her biological mother.


The 10-year-old Vittoria learns she has two mothers: Tina, who has lovingly and warmly taken care of her all her life, and Angelica, her biological mother, who leads a somewhat secluded life on a farm with her animals. When Vittoria, in exploring the answers to the questions she’s been harbouring all her life, is brought closer to her, Tina starts feeling threatened by the budding relationship between the biological mother and daughter, as Vittoria is completely fascinated by Angelica’s vivacity and seeming fearlessness.

“Looking at the character of the mother immediately reveals its existence in an archetypal duality of the `good´ and the `bad´ mother. Think of the Bible and the story of King Solomon, and his verdict on who of the two women is the child’s `real´ mother. Greek tragedies are telling a similar story. So the way I am trying to explore the `woman’s condition´ is to take as a starting point the stories of our ancestors. /…/ I compare them with questions and realities of today’s women /…/. Then, the traditional idea of a family starts showing its cracks.” (Laura Bispuri)

Laura Bispuri
Born in 1977 in Rome. After earning a degree in Cinema at the ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome, Bispuri won several awards for her short films. Her first feature film, Sworn Virgin, premiered in competition at the 2015 Berlinale. After that, it was presented in more than 80 festivals worldwide and received numerous awards. Bispuri’s second feature, Daughter of Mine, also world-premiering in the Berlinale competition, continues the exploration of female identities in conservative environments.

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