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Scary Mother Sašiši deda

Ana Urušadze / Georgia, Estonia / 2017 / 107 min / Georgian

An eccentric black comedy about a woman who prefers writing to her family. A unique take on Virginia Woolf’s claim that “a woman must have a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

festivals, awards Locarno 2017 (Best First Feature), Sarajevo 2017 (Best Film), Gijón 2017 (Best Film, Best Director)

A 50-year-old housewife and mother of three grown-up children, Manana is forced to confront her opposing identities as a dedicated mother, and a brilliant, yet unconventional writer. When faced with a choice between her family and her passion, she decides to plunge fully into writing, sacrificing to it both mentally and physically.

“It may sound weird, but when I’m writing, I never ask myself anything. I just follow the flow and my thoughts as I put them down on paper. It’s only afterwards, when the story settles down, that I understand the original source of my inspiration and why the story followed the path that it has. In Scary Mother, the source of inspiration perhaps came from members of my family, as is usually the case. My mother had an on and off relationship with writing, and my sister is a writer working on her first novel. My grandmother also wanted to be a director but then she decided to follow a different profession. So, the main theme of self-realisation was already around me, affecting me.” (Ana Urushadze)

Ana Urušadze
Born in Georgia in 1990, Urushadze graduated in Tbilisi in film directing, and made several short films. In 2017, she presented her feature debut, Scary Mother, which immediately became a festival favourite.

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