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Animateka 2012

Family Elephant: Slovak Cartoons Družinski Slon: Slovaške risanke

60 min

Večerníček / Bed-time Story beginning spot
Ladislav Čapek (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1977, digital, 0'45''A videoclip announcing the beginning and the end of the bed-time stories on Slovak Television for many generations of children.

O Petrovi: Petra bolí zub / About Peter: Peter Has a Toothache
Viktor Kubal (ČST Bratislava/SB Baden)
Češkoslovaška, Nemčija/Czechoslovakia, Germany, 1975, digital, 5’23’'
Small boy Peter suddenly finds himself in a very difficult situation connected with his tooth.

Najmenší hrdinovia: Pokazený budík / The Smallest Heroes: Broken Alarm Clock
František Jurišič (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1984, digital, 8'50''
A clever little girl is given a Boxing day present, which she uses to make two little dolls. These two become her guardians. They come to her rescue as soon as they hear her SOS call.

Marcelko a Bonifác: Ako chceli autíčko ukradnúť / Marcelko and Grandpa Bonifac: How They Wanted to Steal Marcelko, the Car
Josef Zeman (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1980, digital, 8'50''
A funny story about friendship of grandpa Bonifac and Marcelko – an old car which runs on cranberry juice. Once on a forest outing the villains try to steal Marcelko, the car.

Ako zajac prekabátil lenivého horára: Streda / The Hare and the Lazy Forester: Wednesday
Josef Zeman (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1985, digital, 7'50''The forester spends most of his time caring for his cabbage patch, weeding and watering it and making sure it grows, but a cabbage-eating hare comes everyday and steals the forester ́s cabbages. The story about a loss of the third piece of cabbage takes place on a Wednesday.

Vták Gabo: Gabo poštárom / Gabo, the Bird: Gabo as the Postman
Bohumil Šejda (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1987, digital, 7'
Gabo, the bird has his nest in a hat. He helps children and little animals, in this episode as a postman.

Dada a Dodo: Dada, Dodo a myš / Dada and Dodo: Dada, Dodo and the Mouse
Rudolf Urc (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1987, digital, 8'
Siblings Dada and Dodo try to catch a mouse and experience a series of surprising and extraordinary adventures.

Tri svište: Lovec / The Three Marmots: The Hunter
Bohumil Šejda (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1979, digital, 7'
The three marmots living in protected area of Slovak mountains love jokes and help to protect the nature. In this episode they have to protect themselves against the hunter. 

Sedem výmyselných budíkov: Ako myš liezla budíku na nervy / Seven Resourceful Alarm Clocks: How the Mouse Disturbed Alarm Clock
Mirko Kačena (ČST Bratislava)
Češkoslovaška/Czechoslovakia, 1991, digital, 7'
An animated series about a man and his inseparable friend – an alarm clock. They experience entertaining stories full of imagination and extraordinary situations – this time with a mouse.

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