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Family Film Rodinný film

Olmo Omerzu / Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, France / 2015 / 95 min / Slovene subtitles, Czech / 16+

Family Film probes into the secrets of an average family torn apart by an unexpected turn of events. Is genuine reconstruction at all feasible?

A married couple go on a cruise with their dog, leaving behind their two teenage children. The kids revel in their freedom from parental supervision. The elder daughter is mature enough to show good judgement and sense, but her fifteen-year-old brother is displaying typical adolescent behaviour. Then, all of a sudden, no word is sent from the parents spending their holidays on the other side of the world. Have they fallen victim to a devastating storm? It seems that the dog has been saved from harm and is fighting for survival on a deserted island.

“In Family Film I play with the idea of alienation within the family unit, and I also investigate ways of ‘reassembling’ the family. I am interested in what happens when we remove the figures of the king and queen from the ‘family game of chess’: which family members become the main actors? How are the roles divided? How is responsibility transferred to others within the family? In order to discover the role that the family plays in today’s society and which values it represents I dismantle and reconstruct the family into various possible functional units." (Olmo Omerzu)

Olmo Omerzu
Born in 1984 in Ljubljana. Between 2001 and 2003 Omerzu was editor of the internationally acclaimed Stripburger comic magazine. In 2004 he published his first comic and began studying film direction at the Prague Film School, graduating in 2011. His first feature film, A Night Too Young, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. Family Film is his second feature film.

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