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Saturday, 16. 11. 2019 / 21:15 / Main Hall

LIFFe / Panorama

The Days to Come Els dies que vindran

Carlos Marqués-Marcet / Spain / 2019 / 95 min / Spanish, Catalan


Saturday, 16. 11. 2019 / 21:15 / Main Hall

LIFFe / Panorama

Marques-Marcet used the actual pregnancy of the acting duo to film The Days to Come, an intimate, naturalistic X-ray of the damage that pregnancy can do to a relationship.

festivals, awards Rotterdam 2019, Seattle 2019, Malaga 2019 (Best Spanish Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Youth Jury Prize)


Vir and Lluís have just found out they are pregnant, but it was unplanned. They’re not against the idea of being parents, and yet they can’t help but hesitate, wondering if it’s the right time now. They decide on an abortion. The night before the appointment they stay up making a list of pros and cons, and decide to move ahead with the pregnancy. The question is whether they’re rushing into this, and whether their love is strong enough to pull them through. Their rollercoaster experience will show them that they won’t have to wait for the baby to arrive to find out.

“We took the real situation - the pregnancy - and asked, how would these characters respond? We improvised scenes and recorded these as the basis for scripted scenes. /…/ You could say this film is the documentary of a process and the fiction of a relationship. /…/ Any fiction film is a documentary of its actors. Putting a camera in front of someone shows them and the passage of time – shooting anyone is shooting someone dying – or growing up, if you take the more optimistic view.” (Carlos Marqués-Marcet)

Carlos Marqués-Marcet
Born in 1983, in Barcelona, Marqués-Marcet studied audio-visual communications at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and received an MA in film direction from UCLA School of Theater, Film and TV, in Los Angeles. He rose to fame with his short film The Yellow Ribbon (2012). He made his debut feature, 10,000 Km, in 2014.

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