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Long Way North Tout en haut du monde

Rémi Chayé / France, Denmark / 2015 / 81 min / Slovene subtitles, French / 8+


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Set in 1892, this animated adventure follows 15-year-old aristocrat Sasha as she leaves behind her comfortable Saint Petersburg life in the hopes of tracking down and saving her beloved grandfather, a famous explorer who has gone missing near the North Pole. Sasha is a 15-year-old Russian aristocrat living with her parents in 1892 Saint Petersburg. While safe within her opulent and comfortable surroundings, she idolizes her swashbuckling grandfather Oloukine, fascinated by the lore surrounding his daring explorations of the North Pole. When Oloukine fails to return from his latest expedition, insinuations begin to spread that his scientific plans were flawed and his decisions overwhelmed by ego. Determined to prove these rumours false, Sasha reviews her grandfather's documents and becomes convinced that the search for him and his unsinkable boat has been focused in the wrong area of the Arctic. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to convince the powers that be of her theory, so she embarks on her own quest to locate Oloukine, his crew, and the missing boat, leaving behind her privileged life and discovering in herself the same bravery and determination that her grandfather always exemplified. (TIFF)   In French with Slovenian subtitles.

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