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From 21 March 2024

Daaaaaalí! Daaaaaalí!

Quentin Dupieux / France / 2023 / 77 min / French

The French master absurdist Quentin Dupieux (Mandibles) pays homage to his idol with a playful and unpredictable “non-biography”, which demonstrates that Dalí’s greatest work of art was his personality. Here it is—the caaaaardinal and delicioooooous film that reveals a Dalí never before seen by the public, proving, if there is even need for proof, that Daaaaaalí is probably the only artist on this miserable little planet.

cast Anaïs Demoustier, Gilles Lellouche, Édouard Baer, Jonathan Cohen, Pio Marmaï, Didier Flamand, Romain Duris



A young French journalist Judith is a bundle of nerves. She is facing a huge challenge: interviewing the great Salvador Dalí. When the larger-than-life artist shows up, he is even more grandiose than she has been told. In all meanings of the word. The great Dalí will not agree to an interview until every single condition for his appearance has been met. Thus starts Judith's mission impossible. Not only are these conditions nearly impossible to fulfil, but the film itself becomes a bizarre work of art, allowing no room for logic or common sense.

"When I dreamt up this film, I quickly realized that I shouldn't make a film about Dalí, but with Dalí. To try and find a form of freedom that his work inspires in me. I'm not interested in telling the story of Dalí in art school, explaining his frustrations and ambiguities, or filming the artist at work. I like Dalí as a man, as a genius of communication, almost more than Dalí as an artist. I love the way he constantly tried to escape his image by playing with it. That's the film's tribute to Dalí. A non-film about Dalí for a guy who would never have wanted to be put in a box. To do that, you'd have to look into the cosmos, as he did, and venture not far from madness. A mad film for a genius." (Quentin Dupieux)

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