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EFA Shorts II (2022) Cvetober najboljših evropskih kratkih filmov leta II (2022)

various / 98 min

The Natural Death Of A Mouse, Katharina Huber; Mission: Hebron, Rona Segal; Marlon Brando, Vincent Tilanus; Dustin, Naïla Guiguet; Easter Eggs, Nicolas Keppens

Germany, animation, 2020, 21’
Director: Katharina Huber
Screenplay: Katharina Huber
Animation: Katharina Huber
Editing: Katharina Huber
Music: Chris Pitsiokos, Janina Warnk, Emil Brahe, Kevin Shea, Matt Mottel, Vittoria Quartararo
Production: Casalprim & Huber Production

The natural death of a mouse is not only about saving mice or refusing bananas or making sacrifices against the hypocrisies of daily life in the "spoiled and cultivated" parts of the world. It is also about a person with red arms, who is entering the desert of her conscience to find out whether and how she can be a good human.

Israel, documentary, 2020, 23’
Director: Rona Segal
Screenplay: Rona Segal
Cinematography: Itay Marom
Editing: Ayelet Ofarim
Sound: Nati Zeidenstadt
Glasba / Music: Tal Yardeni
Production: Kliger Films

In Israel, soldiers are recruited at the age of 18. A couple of months later, they are already in charge of Palestinian civil life. Their missions might include breaking into family homes, enforcing lockdowns, or arresting children. Six ex-soldiers face the camera, and recall their recent service.

Netherlands fiction, 2020, 19’
Director: Vincent Tilanus
Screenplay: Vincent Tilanus
Cinematography: Eva Heinsbroek
Editing: Tobias Cornelissen
Scenography: Eefje Helmus
Costumes: Sophie Bunink
Sound: Tom Jansen
Music: Annelotte Coster
Cast: Tijn Winters, Jetske Lieber
Production: Room for Film

In the last weeks of high school, Cas and Naomi, both out of the closet, prefer to spend their days together. As the "brother and sister" of other parents, they experience security and love that they cannot find elsewhere. But their future plans seem to drive them apart.

France, fiction, 2020, 20’
Director: Naïla Guiguet
Screenplay: Naïla Guiguet
Cinematography: Claire Mathon
Editing: Nathan Jacquard, Vincent Tricon
Scenography: Pauline Thomas
Costumes: Hugo Rossi
Sound: Jean-Charles Bastion, Victor Praud
Cast: Dustin Muchuvitz, Félix Maritaud, Raya Martigny, Juan Corrales, Lucie Borleteau, Erwan Fale
Production: Alta Rocca Film

In an abandoned warehouse, a crowd is dancing as one on 145 BPM techno music. Among them is Dustin, a young transgender and his crew: Felix, Raya and Juan. As the night draws on, collective hysteria morphs into sweet melancholy, and euphoria into yearning for tenderness.

Belgium, France, Netherlands, animirani, animation, 2020, 15’
Director: Nicolas Keppens
Screenplay: Nicolas Keppens
Animation: Camiel Hermans, Carl van Isacker, Pascal Vermeersch, Sacha Brauner, Nicolas Keppens, Digna van der Put
Editing: Nicolas Keppens
Sound: Greg Scheirlnckx
Music: Greg Scheirlnckx, Antonio Carlos Jobim
Voice: Victor Polster, Rik Verheye
Production: Animal Tank, Miyu Production, Ka-Ching

The Chinese restaurant is empty. The exotic birds' cage stands wide open. Two friends, Jason and Kevin, see this as an opportunity to catch and sell them. Catching the birds isn’t as simple as it seems.

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Leave No Traces Żeby nie było śladów

Jan P. Matuszyński

Thursday, 06. 10. 2022 / 17:15 / Main Hall

A true story about police violence in communist Poland becomes the substance for a gloomy and suspense-ridden drama inspired by the political thrillers of new Hollywood.

Moonage Daydream Moonage Daydream

Brett Morgen

Thursday, 06. 10. 2022 / 20:30 / Main Hall

This striking, genre-defying audio-visual experience takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey through the life and work of David Bowie, one of the most prolific, influential, and enigmatic artists of our era. Featuring a wealth of previously unseen footage, the film premiered at the 2022 Cannes festival.

The Velvet Queen La panthère des neiges

Marie Amiguet, Vincent Munier

Friday, 07. 10. 2022 / 15:30 / Main Hall

In the heart of the Tibetan highlands, photographer Vincent Munier takes writer Sylvain Tesson on his quest to find the snow leopard. He introduces him to the subtle art of waiting in a blind spot, tracking animals and finding the patience to catch sight of the beasts. On their journey through the Tibetan peaks, inhabited by invisible presences, the two men engage in a conversation about our place among the living beings and celebrate the beauty of the world.