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From 18 October 2017

Aquarius Aquarius

Kleber Mendonça Filho / Brazil, France / 2016 / 146 min / Portuguese

Sônia Braga gives a powerful performance in this touching story of a woman who rejects the systems that dictate that what is new is always better. A must-watch for vinyl lovers.

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Clara is a retired music critic, a passionate lover, widow and grandmother with lively black hair. She is the last resident of 'Aquarius', an elegant seaside development built in the 1940s, and while her neighbours have already sold their flats to a determined private property developer planning to erect luxury flats, Clara refuses to leave her home. The enterprise doggedly tries to convince her, but Clara's resolve to stand up to the goliath hardens every day.

Cold Tropics

It’s been seven months since Recife, the former tropical city, has seen the sun shine. The temperatures plummeted, the days are cloudy and rainy. The scientists stay pragmatic, the population needs to adjust to new conditions. In the mockumentary by the director and film critic Kleber Mendonça Filho this unusual climate crisis unveils the absurdity of the existing social and economic order.

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Past Lives Past Lives

Celine Song

Wednesday, 04. 10. 2023 / 13:00 / Main Hall

A budding childhood romance between Nora and Hae Sung, classmates at a primary school in Seoul, ends abruptly when Nora’s family emigrates to Canada. Many years later Nora, now a playwriting student in New York, notices that Hae Sung has been searching for her on social media… Cinematic debut by New York based playwright Celine Song.

The Passengers of the Night Les passagers de la nuit

Mikhaël Hers

Wednesday, 04. 10. 2023 / 15:45 / Main Hall

Paris in the 1980s. Left to support herself and two teenagers after her husband’s departure, Elisabeth finds work on her favourite late-night radio show. When a homeless 18-year-old girl walks into the studio one day, Elisabeth invites her into her home…

The Happiest Man in the World Najsrekjniot čovek na svetot

Teona Strugar Mitevska

Wednesday, 04. 10. 2023 / 18:15 / Main Hall

In Teona Strugar Mitevska’s latest film, addressing the difficult relationships of a generation scarred for life by the bloody Yugoslav Wars, a speed-dating event provides the setting for a dramatic unearthing of buried – but not forgotten – emotions.