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Animateka 2017

Animals Animated II Animirane živali II

various / 70 min / 14+

Timon Leder (Invida/RTVSLO)
Slovenia, 2016, digital, 11'30”

A hungry weasel attacks a flock of birds living on a tree, the last one still standing upright. The birds in the canopy are trying to keep the tree in balance, while the weasel is persistently trying to climb up its trunk. Its persistence is putting the tree's fragile balance ever more at risk, and its growling stomach is not letting up until it is too late.

Sternenjaeger / Starhunters
Johannes Schiehsl (Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm)
Austria, 2016, digital, 3'10”

A young amateur astronomer wants to enjoy the beautiful night sky, but he comes across a hunter who has other plans…

Dziedošais Hugo Un Viņa Neticamie Piedzīvojumi / Singing Hugo and His Incredible Adventures
Reinis Kalnaellis (Rija Films)
Latvia, 2017, digital, 9'20”

Hugo is a little different than the other roosters in the coop. With his avian baritone, he dreams of singing on stage. Thieves can’t thwart Hugo’s dream; on the contrary, they transport him to another world where adventures begin.

Anna Oparkowska (Gs Animation)
Poland, 2016, digital, 6'10”

A short story about loneliness, maladjustment and the desperate need for closeness, set in a severe winter landscape. Bernard faces the stereotype of an animal predator, one you wouldn’t cross paths with. Feeling resigned, he tries to express the truth about his isolation, and suppress the call of nature in him.

Le Chant Des Grenouilles / Frog Song
Violaine Pasquet (Studio d'Animation La Fabule)
France, 2016, digital, 10'21”

In Louisiana, at nightfall, when everybody is falling asleep, a frog starts singing in the depths of the bayou.

Roto Spread
Yoko Kuno (Kuramori Kyoko)
Japan, 2016, digital, 1'11”

A movie made for NHK Educational TV program 'TECHNE', in order to introduce possible expressions with rotoscope. Everyday, we move as abundantly as this shows.

Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau, Romain Thirion (Mopa)
France, 2017, digital, 6'20”

When marine wildlife has to adapt to the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change...

Домик игрушек / Toy House
Nataša Danilevskaja (Master-film)
Russia, 2017, digital, 6'18”

The fairy tale tells the story of the lives of toys, which are connected with the life of their owner. He is growing up and this brings changes to the toys' destiny — what a fear! However it's not that frightful if there is someone to share your childhood with.

Le Corbeau Voulant Imiter L'Aigle / The Raven Who Wished to Imitate the Eagle
Clementine Dudreuilh, Kevin Langouet, Megane Lepage, Meghan Marino (Ecole Georges Méliès)
France, 2016, digital, 1'25”

A raven tries to imitate an eagle who just caught a sheep and carried it away, but this leads to a series of disasters.

Potovanje na ladji Beagle – Ljubezen galapaške želve / The Voyage of the Beagle – Love of the Galápagos Tortoise
Jernej Lunder (Invida/RTVSLO)
Slovenia, 2017, digital, 10'57”

The research vessel HMS Beagle is about to reach the Galapagos Islands, where animals live in harmony and prosperity. In the bush next to the sandy shore is a couple of tortoises. Just as the female is laying eggs, a finch warns them of the approaching danger – man. Animals are anxious about the ship’s arrival, fearing new predatory raids.

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