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Animateka 2023: Special Opening Screening Animateka 2023: posebna projekcija ob odprtju festivala

različni avtorji / various / 60 min

The Opening Gala pays tribute to Paul Bush, kicks off the collage animation history retrospective, and shows a set of films selected by the festival jury.

Paul Bush: In memoriam

While Darwin Sleeps…
Paul Bush (Ancient Mariner Production)
UK, 2004, 5'

More than three thousand insects appear in this film, each for a single frame. As the colours glow and change across their bodies and wings, it is as if the genetic programme of millions of years is taking place in a few minutes. It is a rampant creation that seems to defy the explanations of evolutionists and fundamentalists. It is like a mescalin dream of Charles Darwin’s.
The film is inspired by the insect collection of Walter Linsenmaier in the natural history museum of Luzern. As each insect follows the other, frame by frame, they appear to unfurl their antennae, scuttle along, or flap their wings as if trying to escape the pinions which attach them forever in their display cases. Just for a moment the eye is tricked into believing that these dead creatures still live…

A History of Collage Animation

Capitulations Promise
Lewis Klahr (independent)
USA, 2020, 6'34''

Capitulations Promise took me 5 years to complete. This degree of difficulty is just what I expected, however, when I chose to montage to a memorable pop song like Lana Del Rey's "Honeymoon". What attracted me to this music is that it sounds both new and old, which allowed me to integrate contemporary imagery with the mid-20th century sources that my films are known for. "Honeymoon" also sounds like the romantic theme song to a James Bond film that has not and never will exist. To do justice to the love story suggestively sketched in the lyrics I needed to keep my narrative equally elliptical. Like a waking dream, what can be clearly described in words is less significant than what can be felt.” - Lewis Klahr

Jury Programme

Água Mole / Drop by Drop
Alexandra Ramires, Laura Gonçalves (Bando à Parte)
Portugal, 2017, 9'15''

The last inhabitants of a village refuse to let themselves sink into oblivion. In a world where the idea of progress appears to be above all, this home floats.

Nikki Schuster (Fiesfilm)
Austria, Mexico, Germany, 2018, 6'50''

Organic textures, captured frame by frame in the nature of Mexico, start to transform and become alive. The view is passing over root plants, fur, feathers, bones and diverse animal cadavers. Processes of decay and rotting characterize the passing-by biotope.

Box Cutters
Naomi Van Niekerk (Ikki Films/Valk Productions/Dryfsand/Arte France)
France, Netherlands, South Africa, 2023, 6'

A young woman remembers the day that she was attacked by three gang members on her way home, but she was strong and managed to escape. During the act of flight, a series of scenes unfold, linked by fluid transitions and expressive details situated between reality and dream.

Dahee Jeong (Between the Picture)
South Korea, 2019, 10'15''

In the space of 10 minutes, the African baobab tree grows 0.008 mm, the fastest dog in the world, the Greyhound, can run 12 km, and the Earth travels 18,000 km around the Sun. Movements is a 10-minute film which I drew at a rate of 2 seconds of animation per day. We are all walking, seeing, working, running, and stopping together.

La piccola Russia / Little Russia
Gianluigi Toccafondo (Fandango/Arte France)
Italy, France, 2004, 35mm, 16'

The young assassins, papa rabbit, mama lunar, a little dancing dog, the snail lady, sister cops ... The characters are imaginary, Little Russia is real.

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What's On

Afire Roter Himmel

Christian Petzold

Sunday, 10. 12. 2023 / 11:00 / Main Hall

Afire is a story about a summer after which things will never be the same again. The ruthless and emotionally complex comedy of manners won Christian Petzold (Phoenix, Undine) a Silver Bear at the last Berlinale.

Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light Tonda, Slávka a kouzelné světlo

Filip Pošivač

Sunday, 10. 12. 2023 / 11:30 / Small Hall

Eleven-year-old Tony has a unique feature he was born with – he glows. He spends his days at home in his blanket bunker and dreams about having a friend. Before Christmas, a peculiar girl named Shelly moves into his house and turns his world upside down. Together, they embark on an adventurous search for the origin of the mysterious tufts of darkness which suck the sunshine out of their house.

Strange Way of Life Strange Way of Life

Pedro Almodóvar

Sunday, 10. 12. 2023 / 13:45 / Main Hall

Pedro Almodovar’s latest “caprice” is a short film answering the question from Brokeback Mountain: “What could two men do living together on a ranch?