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Animateka 2016

Best of the World II (2016) Svetovni jagodni izbor II (2016)


Gamlet. Komedia/Hamlet. Comedy.
Evgenij Fadejev (School-Studio "SHAR")
Russia, 2016, digital, 5'

Children with their strict teacher go to the theatre to watch a performance of “Hamlet”. Children are bored and start to laugh and vandalize.

Satie's “Parade”
Koji Yamamura (Yamamura Animation)
Japan, 2016, digital, 14'12”

A Parade for three managers and four performers. Mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satie’s essays with the ballet music "Parade” in 1916, this film is an animated re-creation of “realist ballet” images going beyond reality.

/La Chambre Vide/The Empty
Dahee Jeong (Sacrebleu Productions/Between the pictures)
France, South Korea, 2016, digital, 9'27”

Time is what the room has the most.
Dust is what I have the most.

Polina Minčenok (Soyuzmultfilm film studio)
Russia, 2015, digital, 7'46''

The whole village is scared of the big grey wolf with fangs, but one small girl finds the courage to help him and they become friends.

Amore d'inverno/Winter love
Isabel Herguera (Gianmarco Serra/Alessandro Ingaria/Isabel Herguera)   
Italy, Spain, 2015, digital, 7'45''

While a couple walks along the river, hunters hide behind a hill, and friends in the forest recall the Dancer of Clavesana, a metaphor of free love. She slowly vanishes into the winter landscape.

A Coat Made Dark
Jack O'Shea (Still Films)
Ireland, 2015, digital, 9'56”

A man follows the orders of a dog to wear a mysterious coat with impossible pockets.

Pieter Coudyzer (S.O.I.L.)
Belgium, 2016, digital, 19'54”

The life of a scruffy, banished homeless man is enlightened by the arrival of a very unexpected visitor.

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