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Animateka 2016

The Elephant on Screen Animirani ZaSlon (2016)


Strom/The Tree
Lucie Sunková (Les Films de'l Arlequin/MAUR film)
France, Czech Republic, 2015, digital, 14'45”

This short is a metaphor on the parallels between the lives of trees and people, a lyrical poem on birth and death, an ode to the passage of time. It tells the story of parenthood, going beyond the boundaries of one’s (not only human) life. It is a parable on relationships, apparent hopelessness, and a promise of happiness. 

Scent of Geranium
Naghmeh Farzaneh (Rochester Institute of Technology)
USA, 2016, digital, 4'41” 

Immigration is a new chapter in one's life, a chapter with unexpected events that can take one's life down paths different from the one imagined. This film is an autobiographical account of the director's experience with immigration.

Ships Passing in the Night
Elisabeth Zwimpfer (School of Arts Kassel)
Germany, 2015, digital, 12'05”

Malaika lives in Europe, Pombalo in Africa.
She collects stranded goods, he is a fisherman.
As the nets remain empty, he sets off for Europe.
At the shore they face each other as ships are passing in the night.

Vanocni balada/The Christmas Ballad
Michal Žabka (Animation people)
Czech Republic, 2016, digital, 11'50” 

In the ruins of the city, destroyed by the war, a small boy survives. He is hiding from fighting machines and collecting old broken toys that he carries to his shelter to repair them. They replace his friends and family. One day he finds a Christmas gift and runs away with it to the mound of the fairgrounds.

Ivan Mirko Senjanović (Sekvenca)
Croatia, 2016, digital, 5'

Six types of fruit are left on a kitchen table by a man who then closes the shutters and leaves. However, a solitary ray of sun breaks through a crack, illuminating only oranges. The rest of the fruit is not so happy about that.

Trial & Error
Antje Heyn (Protoplanet Studio)
Germany, 2016, digital, 5'27”

A film about a lost shirt button, perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots – and a long-lost friend.

Full Feather Jacket
Liz el Saadany, Marjon Haasnot, Arjen van der Meer (The Drawing Room)
Netherlands, 2015, digital, 2'33”

Clumsy seagull Manfred enjoys his humble work as a cleaner at the Air Force base. But when he accidentally kills a member of the seagull troops, Manfred is forced to take his place. Unwillingly Manfred embarks on a highly dangerous mission he is not prepared for.

Martin Máj (FAMU Prague)
Czech Republic, 2015, digital, 9'45”

Nobody listens to the old radio, so one day it walks away.

Dina Velikovskaja (Studio “Pchela”)
Russia, 2016, digital, 8'45”

Kukuschka is a bird who follows the sun. It seems to her as if she could already touch it, but the Sun is still far away. Suddenly she is not alone anymore, but for two it's even more difficult to keep going so fast. She will reach the Sun, maybe tomorrow maybe the day after.

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