Aga's House Shpia e Agës

Lendita Zeqiraj / Kosovo, France, Croatia, Albania / 2019 / 107 min / Albanian

Lendita Zeqiraj’s debut authentically re-creates the vibrant world of her energetic female protagonists, in which the flow of stories, the sound of singing, and coarse humour cannot mask the dark undertone of their country’s wartime past and its enduring ethnic tensions.

Karlovy Vary 2019


Aga, a 9-year-old boy is secretly struggling to find his missing father, while living with five frantic women in the house outside the city. He makes money by selling cigarettes in the street, where he meets Cera, an arrogant and abusive man who has been issued with a restraining order preventing him from getting near the house due to molesting behaviour. But when one of the women attempts suicide, he is the only one around to help Aga take her to hospital.

"I want to capture the many mixed emotions stemming from this very complex issue, where deep wounds are hidden and the best way to deal with them is to manage to live with them, by enduring, adapting and surviving. This phenomenon is particular to Kosovar women, who get wrapped up in this process by supressing their desires and feelings, getting crushed by constant anxiety that ends up defining them. They discover new boundaries for their emotional pain, loss, happiness and exhilarating joy, they need a medium through which to express and convey their feelings." (Lendita Zeqiraj)

Lendita Zeqiraj
Born in 1972 in Kosovo. She started out on her filmmaking career with a number of shorts and documentary films, which have screened in over 300 international film festivals, and won several prizes. In 2014, she was pronounced Kosovo’s ‘National Filmmaker of the Year.’ Aga's House is her debut feature.

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