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Italy, fiction, 2022, 37’
Director: Marco Fabbro
Screenplay: Enrico Maso
Cinematography: Peter Zeitlinger
Sound: Massimiliano Borghesi
Cast: Holger Gotha, Andrea Braida, Fabiano Fantini, Claudio Moretti, Elvio Scruzzi
Production: Red On Productions 

Munich, 1989. After a lifetime of working for NATO, Holger reaches his retirement day on the same day as the Berlin Wall collapses. Holger realises his entire life doesn’t make sense anymore.

Italy, documentary, 2022, 14’
Director: Davide Rapp
Screenplay: Davide Rapp
Cinematography: Andrea Dal Martello
Editing: Davide Rapp
Music: Eugenio Timpani
Appearing: Raymond Massard
Production: -orama

The documentary is dedicated to the CineKursaal in Rumelange, Luxembourg’s oldest movie theatre, which opened in 1911 and has never closed since. Through the personal recollections of its owner Raymond Massard, the film tells the story of a cultural infrastructure rooted in Luxembourg’s history.

Italy, fiction, 2022, 20’
Director: Pier Francesco Coscia, Andrea Bandinelli
Screenplay: Pier Francesco Coscia, Andrea Bandinelli
Cinematography: Stefano Sburlati, Mattia Meloni
Editing: Stefano Sburlati
Music: Massimo Caturelli
Cast: Giulio Cristini, Claire Palazzo, Laura Matassa
Production: Fargo Film 

Laila, a hearing-impaired university student, guides the viewer into a slice of her life, sharing the practical and emotional difficulties linked to her existential condition.

Om Devi: Shereos Revolution
Italy, documentary, 2020, 22’
Director: Claudio Casale
Screenplay: Claudio Casale, Viola Brancatella, Gauri Grazia de Santis
Cinematography: Claudio Casale
Editing: Julien Panzarasa, Claudio Casale
Sound: Fabio Antonelli
Appearing: Anjali Rani, Shabnam, Devya Ayria
Production: Sibilla Film

 A doctor, an activist who survived an acid attack, and a young priest discuss their dreams of gender equality in a country shaken by civil unrest.

What's On

The Zone of Interest The Zone of Interest

Jonathan Glazer

Wednesday, 28. 02. 2024 / 15:50 / Main Hall

British director Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin) explores the darkest side of human nature. Winner of the Cannes Grand Prix.

On the Adamant Sur l'Adamant

Nicolas Philibert

Wednesday, 28. 02. 2024 / 17:00 / Small Hall

French documentary film maker Nicolas Philbert takes us on an unusual ship, used as a day-care centre for adults with mental disabilities. Surrounded by incredibly talented people with sparkling personalities, we can contemplate community, freedom and the importance of art in everyday life. The warm and subtle film that breaks downs the boundaries between ‘us’ and ‘them’ won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale.

Priscilla Priscilla

Sofia Coppola

Wednesday, 28. 02. 2024 / 18:10 / Main Hall

With a gentle and sensitive story of a young girl’s longing, growing up in a fairy tale, and finding her own life path, Sofia Coppola (Marie Antoinette, Lost in Translation) reveals the other side of the American myth of the King of Rock’n’Roll. The film, based on Priscilla Presley’s book Elvis and Me, brought Cailee Spaeny the Best Actress award in Venice.