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Delavnica z animatorko iz studia Aardman 6+

Aardman Animation Workshop

Animation workshops with Aardman animator Julia Peguet!

May 5 15:00–16:45 and May 6 11:00–13:00; 17:15–19:00, Small hall

Julia Peguet has been an animator for 18 years. She specialises in stop-motion and clay animation. In 2004, she joined the studio Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the sheep and Early Man. She also animates in other studios all over Europe, including at Zvviks, creators of Koyaa. In recent years, she has started to teach animation between productions. Workshops are free of charge, appropriate for children from 6 years and up. Please apply to: 

What's On

Last Screening

Metronom Metronom

Alexandru Belc

Friday, 09. 06. 2023 / 17:00 / Main Hall

A teen romance and a drama about coming of age in communist Romania. 17-year-old Ana and her boyfriend spend their last days together before he emigrates from the country.

The Summer of ’91 Poletje ’91

Žiga Virc

Friday, 09. 06. 2023 / 19:15 / Main Hall

Disappearing Verschwinden/Izginjanje

Andrina Mračnikar

Friday, 09. 06. 2023 / 19:45 / Small Hall

Filmmaker Andrina Mračnikar heads home to South Carinthia to investigate why the Slovenian language and culture are increasingly disappearing from everyday life. The documentary, which skilfully intertwines the personal and the political, won the Audience Award at the Diagonale Festival in Graz.