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10 years of Slovenian Art Cinema Association

10 years of Slovenian Art Cinema Association

4 March 2020 was a special day for all the members of the Slovenian Art Cinema Association: it was the day that kicked off the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the association. Representatives of most of the member cinemas have gathered in Kinodvor for an evening of looking back on accomplishments and mapping next steps in the future.

Ms. Metka Dariš, the director of Kinodvor and the host of the evening welcomed all the guests. The first president of the association, Ms. Marjana Štalekar, summarized the humble beginnings and the first 6 years of activities, followed by Ms. Nina Ukmar who succeeded Ms. Štalekar, emphasising the objectives that have been so far accomplished and surpassed.

Slovenian Art cinema Association is a network of exhibitors of quality and art house films in Slovenia. From its foundation on 5 March 2010 it has been striving that art house cinemas in mutual collaborations and cooperation contribute to the development and popularization of film culture in its broadest sense.

Today the networks consists of 25 members with 28 screens, more than half of them also members of the Europa Cinemas. The members see the networks’ future in constant growth as well as quality curated programming, educational programmes, audience development and development of film culture in local communities.


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