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The Thieving Magpie La gazza ladra

Emanuele Luzzati, Giulio Gianini / Italy / 1964 / 33 min / No dialogue, / 5+


The Thieving Magpie (10 min)

An Italian in Algiers (10 min)

Pulcinella (11 min)


Giugi and Lele, as everyone called them, had very different – and thus complementary – characters; but they were in perfect sync, thanks to mysterious channels of connection known only to them. They both shared an extraordinary artistic and professional ability, together with a pure and disarming sense of enthusiasm.

Giulio Gianini and Emanuele Luzzati made thirty films together, including self-produced and commissioned works, films for Rai and for RSI, the italian- speaking Swiss television, opening and closing credit sequences, and adverts. Together they gave rise to a universe of gaudy colours populated by unforgettable characters like Pulcinella and Papageno.

Lele Luzzati, set designer, illustrator, set decorator, costume designer and storyteller, was a master in every branch of the applied arts. In the course of his eclectic career he produced sets for plays, opera and dance in the main Italian and international theatres, and also wrote and illustrated books for children collaborating with, among others, Italo Calvino and Gianni Rodari.

Giulio Gianini, animator, director and cinematographer, was a pioneer of colour film in Italy, he shot about 120 documentariesmainly on art, but his passion for puppet theatre and desire to experiment with colour soon led him toward animation.


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