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Nocturama Nocturama

Bertrand Bonello / France, Germany, Belgium / 2016 / 130 min

A morning in Paris. Steadfast adolescents, alone or in groups, are moving through the city as if following a carefully devised plan. Towards the end of the day, they meet in a luxury department store, just before it closes. Night begins.


A group of young French men and women, tired of the society they're living in, plan and execute a series of attacks on multiple targets in Paris. The group is multiracial, a cross section of contemporary French society: European, African, Middle Eastern. Cellphones provide the primary mode of communication as the various groups efficiently carry out their objectives. On the run from the army and police, the terrorists hide out in a huge, vacated department store.

A socially relevant and controversial investigation into a group of young radicals whose terrorist attacks on Paris lead to a massive manhunt.

“When you do this kind of casting, where you have ten people to find, mostly unprofessional, you have to give yourself a lot of time, so it took me eight or nine months to do the casting. If you take the time, you find the people. The script was finished, but I didn’t describe a lot of the characters in the script, so I wanted the actors I’d find to bring everything I didn’t write, be it the way they talk or walk; that they bring also to the film who they are.” (Bertrand Bonello)

Bertrand Bonello    
Born in 1968 in Nice, France. Before venturing into film, Bonello worked as a classically-trained musician. He writes his own film music and teaches at the French national film school La Fémis. He has asserted himself as a director and writer with Le pornographe, L’Apollonide and Saint Laurent. He belongs to the movement called the New French Extremity.

1998 Quelque chose d'organique (Something Organic)
2001 Le pornographe (The Pornographer)
2003 Tiresia
2005 Cindy, the Doll Is Mine (short)
2008 De la guerre (On War)
2011 L’Apollonide – Souvenirs de la maison close (House of Tolerance)
2012 Ingrid Caven, musique et voix (Ingrid Cave: Music & Voice)
2014 Saint Laurent
2016 Nocturama

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