The Box Office is open from 09:00 till 20:30 (open for another 5 hours, phone: +386 1 239 22 17).
Vse je mogoče – delavnica animiranega filma 1. termin

Animation film workshop, Day 1

all places are taken//

we will learn to use different animation techniques.

What's On

The Odyssey L'odyssée

Jérôme Salle

Wednesday, 23. 05. 2018 / 15:00 / Main Hall

1948. Jacques Cousteau, his wife and his two sons are living in paradise, a beautiful house overlooking the Mediterranean. But all Cousteau can think of is adventure. Thanks to his invention, an independent aqualung allowing divers to breathe under water, he has discovered a whole new world. Now he is willing to sacrifice everything to explore it


Rob Reiner

Wednesday, 23. 05. 2018 / 18:15 / Main Hall

In his nuanced portrait of the controversial US President Lyndon Johnson, Woody Harrelson gives a glimpse of both the President’s outstanding negotiation skills and his inner insecurity.

A Family Affair Mia oikogeneiaki ypothesi

Angeliki Aristomenopoulou

Wednesday, 23. 05. 2018 / 19:30 / Small Hall

An intimate portrait of a family bound together by the love of music.