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2nd International Conference on Film Education

2nd International Conference on Film Education

11 and 12 April 2018 at Kinodvor and the Slovenian Cinematheque: The Methods and Impact of Film Education

Film education is an opportunity for a different way of teaching. We will present examples of good practices in conducting film education in other countries and focus on the ones that take place in schools and cinemas and involve the cooperation between teachers and filmmakers. We will learn about the various ways of leading workshops and conducting film discussions. Part of the conference will also be devoted to reflection on the possible impact of film education programmes and their evaluation. The conference is aimed at professionals working at kindergartens and primary and secondary schools and the interested experts in Slovenia and abroad.

Partners: Kinodvor, Slovenian Cinematheque (the Understanding Film project) and Slovenian Art Cinema Association (the Primary School of Film project).


Confirmed international speakers:

Jan-Willem Bult, a creator, producer and trainer from the Netherlands. He is known for his ‘Children in the Centre’ philosophy, based on his strong belief in the autonomy of children and anarchy in the contents.

Alejandro Bachmann, Head of the Research Department of the Austrian Filmmuseum, will present the school programme of experimental films and two different approaches to conducting discussions in the cinema.

Christine Kopf, Head of Film Literacy Activities, Deutsches Filminstitut, will present the method of working with teachers and ways of evaluating school programmes.

Tessa van Grafhorst is an Artistic Director of the Taartrovers Film Festival in the Netherlands. She will present the methods of working with the youngest, particularly the use of interactive installations and workshops.

Ivana Jakobović Alpeza, Head of the Seventh Continent programme (Croatia), will speak about how to establish a film debate club at school and its impact.

Ana Đordić and Jelena Modrić (Croatia), teachers of film at the 13th Grammar School in Zagreb, who also hold methodology courses on teaching film in high schools at the Dr. Ante Peterlić School of Media Literacy, will present the way they analyse and interpret short films in class in high school.


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What's On

Dolphin Man Dolphin Man

Lefteris Charitos

Sunday, 18. 02. 2018 / 18:00 / Small Hall

Documentary about the life and legacy of Jacques Mayol, pionneering free diver and inspiration behind Luc Besson’s cult film The Big Blue.

The Other Side of Hope Toivon tuolla puolen

Aki Kaurismäki

Sunday, 18. 02. 2018 / 19:00 / Main Hall

With hilarious sight gags, poker-faced one-liners and a toe-tapping rockabilly soundtrack, Kaurismäki’s latest film balances his unparalleled wit with a pressing critique of the unforgiving bureaucracy that greets vulnerable asylum seekers in modern-day Europe.

Democracy Democracy – Im Rausch der Daten

David Bernet

Sunday, 18. 02. 2018 / 20:00 / Small Hall

How do we protect European citizens against the misuse of personal data for commercial gain? Democracy takes us behind the scenes of the European Union’s legislative process: from early plans, through almost a thousand recorded changes, to the implementation of new legislation over data protection.