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From 17 February

Kiwi & Strit Kiwi & Strit

Esben Toft Jacobsen / Denmark / 2015 / 38 min / No dialogue, / 3+

Eight animated shorts for the youngest audience.

Kiwi & Strit live in the clearing in the forest, at the foot of the big hill. Kiwi’s house is nice and tidy; Strit’s house has tumbled over on the side. Kiwi loves doing things as planned; Strit loves improvising. They are very different but they do things together because they are best friends, and together they have more fun.

Episode synopsis:

Bycycle Theif
Kiwi & Strit are happy riding their bikes in the Clearing until Strit breaks his bike. He borrows Kiwi’s bike without asking for permission and breaks that one too. Strit tries to fix it but in the end only makes everything worse. In the end Kiwi solves the problem by turing the two bikes into one tandem bike.

Kiwi and Strit are playing football. Kiwi knows all the rules and Strit thinks the rules are hard to follow until he starts making the rules himself.
Kiwi wants to paint a beautiful portrait of Strit. But Strit has a hard time sitting still for as long as that takes.

Spring Cleaning
Strit has made a mess in the clearing. Kiwi promises to give Strit a cake if he will clean up the mess.

Noisy Cow
Kiwi & Strit are awoken in the night by a forest cow. The cow is awake at night and sleeps during the day. Kiwi & Strit need to turn this habit around so they can sleep at night.

Kiwi is making a big beautiful cake and Strit cannot wait until it is finished to eat it.

New Friends
Strit has ruined Kiwi’s party so Kiwi makes a new friend out of fabric and sticks. Strit is envious but desides to makes his own new friend.

Wash Day
It is time for Strit to have his bath, but he will do anything to avoid it.


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